To All Clients

  • If you’ve been overseas in the last two weeks you must let me know
  • If you’ve been in any hotspots within Australia you must let me know
  • If you have any flu like symptoms you will not be allowed treatment
  • If you have been in contact with anyone who has been overseas you must be cleared from a doctor before treatment 


COVID-19 Client Checklist

If YES to any of these questions, I will not be able to give treatment: 

  • Have you been overseas in the last month?
  • Have you been in any hotspots in Victoria, NSW, Brisbane or anywhere else within Australia?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has been sick in the last month?
  • Have you had any flu-like symptoms in the last month?

Currently, if you DO NOT meet the COVID-19 diagnostic criteria, if you have NOT travelled internationally, and if you have NOT had contact with someone confirmed to have coronavirus, I would be happy to treat you.

Hygiene practices have been increased in depth and frequency. The room and equipment are heavily cleaned and sanitised between each treatment to keep our environment safe and germ-free. 



Health & Hygiene Management Plan


During this process we thoroughly clean everything using isopropyl alcohol 70% and a clean rag. We clean items such as hard surfaces and furniture, equipment, vertical and horizontal surfaces, and floors. We thoroughly clean all areas that are frequently touched such as door handles, light switches, benchtops, oil bottles, pens, clipboard, equipment, wash basin and taps, etc. After each client we remove used linens and sanitise the massage table, face crest, arm rest and any areas that could have been touched or breathed on. Once confident the massage table has been cleaned, we put a new set of clean linens on the table and face crest. We do this each day upon opening, immediately after each client, and before closing for the day. 



The aim of sanitising is to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses that may be present on surfaces. For covid-19 decontamination cleaning we use disinfectant spray cleaner (isopropyl alcohol) on all surfaces after each client and during opening and closing procedures. 


Personal Protective Equipment

To ensure the health and safety of our Clients while delivering this critical service, we use PPE appropriate to the level of cleaning required (ie. where a confirmed case exists, disposable protective gloves and masks are worn). We also adhere to the prescriptive and unique work method statements developed for cleaning and safe operations. 


Additional Information 

Hand sanitiser is provided, please help yourself. We have a kitchenette adjacent to the treatment room - if you would like to wash your hands before or after treatment, it is available for you to use any time. We have extra masks if you feel it would be beneficial for you to wear. Your massage therapist is happy to wear a mask if you think that is necessary, don’t hesitate to ask.

Unrelated to covid-19: I have PPE for your ears if you find the music from the gym to be too loud while you are in treatment, just let me know if you’ll be needing them. 


Our aim is to provide that the premises are as healthy and clean as possible to ensure the safety of our Clients and for our working Team. 

Thank you for your cooperation. Stay safe and healthy. 



Ash Briggs