Each massage treatment is tailored specifically to your individual needs and preferences using therapeutic grade products. Treatment plans will evolve as your body recalibrates between sessions. This client-centred care is designed to support you in balancing physical, mental, and emotional challenges as we work towards maintaining your body in its optimal condition. 

There is an old reputation that many athletes have – it’s that they would rather push through their injuries than take the time out that is needed to assess, treat and rehab the issue properly. I too have been through the ups and downs of managing injuries and the frustrations that can go along with it. Having been on the receiving end of many therapeutic treatments after sustaining a few too many injuries at a young age, I eventually learned that the elements of Rest & Recovery are crucial while on the path to peak performance.

With my athletic background and first-hand experience of the benefits of massage therapy, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to providing an invaluable service to all those who push themselves to excel in sport, recreation, and life! 


The space I hold for you here is judgement-free and all-inclusive.
Whatever your identity or walk of life is, you are safe, seen, and supported in this space.


We are located inside CrossFit Contessa and up the stairs to the right. If you're 5 minutes early or need to take 10 after your treatment, there is a lounge area at the top of the stairs for you to enjoy. The delicious café downstairs is open until 12pm.

Regrettably, our massage room is not wheelchair accessible. But we have options! There is a space on the ground floor available for our use on Sundays & Mondays. If this suits you better, please reach out and we can organise an appointment for you right away.